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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/03/30

                  With people's attention to the quality of life and the improvement of health awareness, more and more people tend to floor radiant heating. Its warmth and health benefits of winter heating have attracted many people. In fact, electric heating has many advantages. In the rainy season, if you have a warm floor at home, you can easily prevent moisture and mildew.
                  在梅雨季节,将电地暖温度提高2°左右,对家中进行干燥。 梅雨季节,一楼的房屋和地下室的湿气不仅容易发霉,还会因家具的不同而变形,产生霉菌问题,对家电的使用也有影响。
                  In the rainy season, increase the electric floor heating temperature by about 2 ° to dry the home. In the rainy season, the moisture in the houses and basement on the first floor is not only easy to mildew, but also deformed due to different furniture, resulting in mold problems, which also has an impact on the use of household appliances.
                  Someone may ask, can floor heating be installed in a humid room, and will there be electric leakage?
                  First of all, be sure to confirm that it can be installed! Electric heating is often used in damp rooms, such as bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and other places. The junction box connecting cold wire and warm wire is sealed and waterproof. The heating cable and mat are waterproof and connected to a waterproof box. The end and shell of heating cable have been tested many times before leaving the factory. In the production process, it passed the high-pressure brine environmental test. Put the heating cable and cushion into the pool for several hours. The heating cable has a protective shell and is connected to the ground wire for protection. A relay is installed to prevent leakage and trip in time.
                  Humidity makes people feel very uncomfortable. Women and the elderly are particularly prone to rheumatic diseases, such as arthritis. Installing heating cable floor heating can timely remove the moisture in the room in the rainy season and make people feel warm and comfortable. Therefore, electric floor heating can also be used in the environment with heavy moisture, not only in cold areas.
                  The above is a detailed introduction to the price of ground heating in Jinan. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.takhleek.com