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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/03/14

                  There are three types of commonly used wood floors: solid wood floor, multi-layer solid wood floor and laminate floor (composite floor).
                  Relevant experts believe that the selection of geothermal floor should be determined according to the particularity of geothermal heating mode: adapt to the repeated transformation of cold and heat and be conducive to heat conduction. Firstly, the deformation of geothermal floor should be small; 2、 Be conducive to heat conduction; 3、 Moisture resistant and waterproof.
                  Under the same environmental conditions, the deformation of solid wood floor is larger than that of laminate floor, and the deformation of laminate floor is larger than that of multilayer solid wood floor. The reason for the small deformation of multi-layer solid wood floor (geothermal floor for short) used for geothermal is that its base material is crisscrossed and restrained by each other; There are also dense anti deformation grooves on the back, which share the stress generated by the heating surface, so its deformation is small.
                  The thermal conductivity of the floor is related to the thickness of the floor. The thickness of geothermal floor is similar to that of laminate floor. However, the anti deformation groove on the back of it is conducive to air circulation and reduce noise. The thermal conductivity is better than laminate floor.
                  In winter, when the room is dry, it will be humidified in general, and the moisture resistance and waterproof of the floor are also important. After special treatment, the geothermal floor will not have obvious deformation if the sample is soaked in water for 3-5 days; Even if there is a large amount of water running on the ground after installation, soaking and arching, as long as the doors and windows are opened and the air circulation is maintained, it will soon be restored to the original state, which solves the customer's worries that other floors cannot be restored in case of water. In terms of moisture resistance and waterproof, geothermal floor is obviously better than other types of floor.
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