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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/02/17

                  It is cold in winter. In order to have a comfortable living environment, electric floor heating has become the main thing for people to warm in winter. In the choice of floor heating, electric floor heating has been more and more loved by people because of its highly humanized design and simple and flexible control mode.
                  1、 Electric floor heating gives people the feeling of sunshine like warmth. There is no air flow and no feeling of dryness and heat. People can set their own indoor temperature according to their own needs, which is not affected by outdoor temperature and limited by seasons. In addition to heating in winter, it can also solve the problem of house humidity on rainy days, Since then, the dry ground has bid farewell to the troubles of cockroaches and tide insects caused by humidity, so as to keep the indoor warm as spring.
                  2、 Conducive to creating a healthy indoor environment. Taking the ground as the heat dissipation surface, it transfers heat from bottom to top, giving people the feeling of warm feet and cool top. According to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, the very comfortable temperature for people's feet is 29 ℃, and the comfortable temperature for their head is 18 ℃. The environmental temperature created by electric floor heating is just in line with it, fully meets the physiological needs of human body, and is very beneficial to people's health, At the same time, far-infrared radiation has a good function for the human body and gives people a warm and healthy living environment.
                  Conducive to environmental protection. As the radiation heat transfer replaces the air convection heat transfer, the flying dust in the air is reduced, the radiator on the wall is omitted, there is no dirty corner, and the peculiar smell caused by the paint on the surface of the radiator is avoided. Because the aluminum foil wrapping shielding blocks the harmful electromagnetic radiation, it has no harm to the human body, The test results of the electromagnetic radiation of the heating cable electric floor heating by the National Institute of physics show that the electromagnetic radiation generated by the system is only one thirtieth of the electromagnetic radiation of the geomagnetic field, which can be ignored. It is a real green environmental protection product.