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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/02/05

                    Key points of dry leveling floor heating design
                    1.The dry leveling ground is fixed with moisture-proof and flame-retardant adjustable keel and glass magnesium soaking plate.The standard keel is 50 wide and 35 thick,the soaking plate is 12 thick,the foundation thickness is 48,the maximum adjustable height is 30,the ground compressive strength is≥1.2 tons/square,the flatness of every two linear meters is≤3mm,and the center distance of adjustable keel is 300mm.
                    2.Dry type floor heating design:environmental friendly floor ridge type dry type floor heating module is adopted in ordinary floor heating area.If there is space gap and health needs,far-infrared functional module is selected;Select appropriate floor heating pipes according to heat source equipment and water temperature,and select high-efficiency radiation ends with dense pipe spacing for low-temperature heat source to ensure good floor heating temperature;The use of far-infrared function module can eliminate the heat accumulation and non environmental hidden danger of overhead floor heating.(1)is the first dry floor heating module with reasonable positioning.
                    3.Design of pipeline separation area:the pipeline separation is reserved along the wall to eliminate the hidden danger of pipeline crossing.The grooved wooden ridge is adopted to facilitate wiring and fixing the bearing protection plate.According to the layout density of the line pipe,two grooves of 600mm and 300mm are reserved respectively,which will not affect the floor heating effect.
                    4.Dry floor heating design of toilet:35mm thick antirust aluminum plate free floor ridge dry floor heating module is used for dry floor tiles,or 2cm thick flat floor heating module is used for wet floor tiles;Laying according to the standard process can eliminate the hidden danger of water channeling,and the finished ground is 10mm lower than the aisle.
                    5.The water separator shall be installed in the dry area of the kitchen or toilet.The floor heating pipe passing through the door shall not be more than 4 ways,and the other pipelines shall be installed back out.
                    6.The boiler temperature controller for dry-type floor heating is installed in the master bedroom,and the room temperature controller is selected to realize the reservation switch and automatic control of room temperature.
                    7.Dry paste floor tiles on the surface of soaking protection board or lay floor.