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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/01/20

                  1. The indoor comfortable temperature is 18-22 ℃. According to relevant specifications, considering the needs of health, comfort, energy saving and other aspects, the recommended setting range of floor heating temperature is 18-22 ℃, or a slight deviation can be set according to their own needs.
                  Too high temperature setting will lead to: large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, easy respiratory discomfort, too dry indoor air, and obvious increase in electricity charges due to poor thermal insulation of buildings in the south.
                  2. Daily switch and use floor heating reasonably. The initial heating time of the floor heating brought back to the filling layer (i.e. cement filling layer) is long, and frequent switching is not recommended in winter.
                  If the personnel go out for a short period of time, the ground heating temperature can be lowered at 14-16 C and low temperature, and the personnel will be adjusted to comfortable temperature at 18-22 C after returning. For areas that have not been used for a long time (such as more than 3 days), the electric floor heating can be turned off.
                  If you live regularly every week, you can set the automatic operation of weekly programming according to the manual (only applicable to the temperature controller with this function). The general time control mode is more suitable for Chinese people.
                  3. Select the appropriate temperature detection mode of the thermostat. For toilets, yoga halls, aquaculture and other occasions, the ground temperature is generally controlled, and the control module needs to be changed to the ground temperature detection mode. Ordinary household heating is generally equipped with double temperature and double control (ground temperature limit 35 degrees).
                  4. Close doors and windows but ventilate regularly. In order to ensure the effect, the doors and windows should be closed during the use of floor heating, but for rooms without fresh air ventilation system, the doors and windows should be ventilated regularly or leave a certain gap to prevent discomfort caused by hypoxia. If possible, the installation of total heat exchange fresh air system can be considered.
                  5. It can be equipped with humidifier and drink more water every day. In winter, the weather will be more dry. If the ground heating temperature is set too high, it will also cause the indoor air to feel dry. If necessary, it can be used in combination with humidifiers and other facilities. You can also drink plenty of water every day to keep healthy.