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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2022/01/11

                  1. Health care function
                  Graphene floor heating conforms to the human body supply and demand of "warm feet and cool top" in traditional Chinese medicine, gives people a good feeling of warm feet and cool head, a thermal environment in line with the heat dissipation requirements of human body, improves blood circulation, promotes metabolism, and inhibits cardiovascular diseases; It is especially suitable for the elderly and children, and has more prevention and treatment effect for patients with arthritis and old cold legs.
                  2. Comfortable and sanitary
                  Graphene floor heating is dissipated by the ground, and the indoor temperature distribution gradually decreases from bottom to top. The indoor thermal environment temperature is uniform, clean and hygienic, avoiding dust and volatile odor caused by indoor air convection.
                  3. Economic energy saving
                  The heating process of graphene floor heating is mainly radiation heat transfer, the indoor temperature distribution is reasonable, and the ineffective heat loss is less; The heat medium is transported at low temperature, and the heat loss is less in the transportation process; Under the same comfort conditions, the indoor design temperature can be 2 ℃ ~ 3 ℃ lower than the indoor temperature of traditional heating, and the heat consumption can be saved by about 15%.
                  4. It does not occupy the use area and saves space
                  Traditional convection heating, air conditioning and pipe decoration occupy a certain indoor space, which affects the interior decoration and furniture layout. Graphene floor heating embeds the solar orange graphene electric heating film in the floor, which does not affect the indoor beauty and occupy the indoor space, which is convenient for decoration and furniture layout.
                  5. Good thermal stability
                  The filling layer has large heat storage capacity. Under the condition of intermittent heating, the temperature changes slowly, which can keep the indoor temperature stable.
                  6. Reduce floor noise
                  At present, precast slab or cast-in-situ slab is generally used for partition floor in China, and its sound insulation effect is very poor. People walking upstairs will affect the downstairs. Graphene floor heating is used to increase the insulation layer, which has a very good sound insulation effect.
                  7. Good adjustability
                  Each room is equipped with an independent control switch, which can switch or adjust the temperature of each room through the control panel switch.
                  8. Long service life
                  The service life of Japanese orange graphene floor heating can be more than 50 years, which is the same as that of buildings. It doesn't need to be replaced every few years, such as air conditioning.
                  Thank you for reading. Source of this article: Jinan floor heating installation. For more contents and questions, please click: http://www.takhleek.com We will continue to work hard to provide you with services. Thank you for your support!