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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2018/10/16

                  One: There is air in the geothermal pipe, obstructing the water circulation, the general distributor will have exhaust valve, the effect is to exhaust, the new use, installation of geothermal exhaust is necessary. The solution is: for example, your home is a six-way water distributor, first turn off the five (only one way to operate), open the return water exhaust valve, one of the way to discharge water, to only water out of the air stop, and so on.
                  Two: low water temperature, if the indoor temperature to reach 19-23 degrees Celsius, the heating water supply temperature must reach more than 46 degrees Celsius can be (heating needs 61 degrees water temperature, so if the geothermal is not hot, then the heater is even less hot).
                  Third: the system circulation is poor, the pressure difference between supply and return water of heating company is small, the water velocity drops, causing the geothermal not hot, this should also be handled by the property, otherwise it really has to press a circulating pump (this is a bit unnatural).
                  Fourth: Street too much competition, maybe your neighborhood or upstairs downstairs in the pipeline installed circulating pumps, resulting in excessive water flow toward his home, neighborhood naturally to be implicated. This can't be handled. It's difficult. Let's press a pump.
                  Five: Filter blockage, water distributor bar has a filter, play a filter impurities effect, because too much water into the impurities, filter screen is generally blocked is still more serious, resulting in a drop in water flow rate, geothermal pipe no flow, geothermal natural heat is not hot.
                  Six: the ground heating main pipe said that the pressure difference was not up to the expected specifications. We must take into account the speed of water flow in the ground heating system when we are planning the floor heating. If the pressure difference is not as good as we expected, the velocity of water will drop directly. This situation will lead to insufficient water supply in the pipeline. Because the water supply is not enough, the heating will not naturally be hot.
                  Seven: Dust and dirt occur in the inner wall of the geothermal pipe. After scientific calculation, the deposit of 1-1.5mm thick dirt and clay can prevent heat dissipation, and consequently the indoor temperature drops by 4-8 degrees. The area with poor water quality is more serious. However, the thermal conductivity of the scale is very poor. In the process of thermal interchange, the scale increases from 0 mm to 0.35 mm, and the heat exchange rate decreases to 79%. That is to say, when the thickness of the scale reaches 0.35 mm, 23% of the heat can not be transferred normally. Cause geothermal not hot. This is handled by washing.
                  Eighth: The cement layer on the pipeline is too thick, the temperature is difficult to release into space, this advantage, continue to heat for a period of time, the cement thermal storage layer will gradually emit heat.
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