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                  来源:http://www.takhleek.com/ 发布时间:2018/07/11

                  Before we know the cost of heating in Ji'nan, we need to know the composition of the cost. There are two main components of floor heating: one is the cost of the floor heating system, the other is the ground heating backfilling cost. Two The ground heating system is composed of heat source (boiler), supervisor, equipment, pipe material and auxiliary material, but the ground heating cost is divided into three parts when the heating price is quoted. It is the heat source (if the cost of central heating is omitted), equipment (divided water device, mixed water cooling device), and three items of floor heating.
                  General imported boilers, a 24kw dual function of 6000-12000, a higher price ratio of about 9000; the diversity of the water separator is mostly copper separator, the price of the functional diversity of the water device is 160-480, the price ratio is higher than 280; the ground heating paving varies from 55-140 to the price of the pipe, and the price ratio is higher in 98 Left and right, so the price of a high price ratio is about 112 per flat (no boiler), and the cost of backfilling should be about 140 yuan per square meter, so that the cost of ground heating can be budgeted.
                  In general, the actual temperature of the ground warm is a little higher than the indoor temperature, about 2 to 4 degrees Celsius. According to the experimental results, 10% of the fuel can be saved when the indoor temperature is reduced by 1 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the temperature of the floor heating can reach 22 degrees Celsius heating effect if it reaches 18 degrees Celsius indoors.
                  Do you know the above introduction? If you do not understand, please call us. We will introduce you to you. Welcome to visit us.